Monday, September 21, 2015

Exploitation Is Not Choice

The Senate Should Defund Planned Parenthood.  Seriously have you all lost your minds.

    The abortion mill called Planned Parenthood exploits vulnerable poor women to serve fetal part harvesting profiteering industry.

   If you divide up half a BILLION dollars to give to the 300,000 women who walked in any Planned Parenthood any given year see how many would keep their babies.
Do not tell me this organization is about women's health. What a pathetic joke.

Women seek abortions often in the most financially and emotionally stressed times of their lives.

Instead of feeding an organization that exploits their needs by killing their offspring, why not pay the women themselves so they can feed their own children instead of kill them.

This monster called Planned Parenthood has the nerve to say that they are about women's health when they take fetuses from women without their consent to dismember, and sell piecemeal. They have the nerve to say they are about women's health when they conduct live vivisections on born alive infants to harvest their brains.

This is truly beyond sick- sicker than anything we have ever witnessed in our American history.

  Planned Parenthood is a campaign laundering organization that profits off sale of fetal body parts.

It engages in the mass slaughter of infants, some viable in a womb, often by burning with chemicals and suffocating in toxic solutions or by dismembering and puncturing their skull severing their spine.

This organization should not be getting one red cent from the government.

Now you know what is really going on- Now you know the real deal. So there is no excuse to keep this running. Anyone now who votes to keep this funded should be run out of office. It is a crime against Humanity, It is the greatest crime against Humanity America has ever witnessed. And its done on the taxpayer dime. Obscene. Just insane.

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