Thursday, April 15, 2010

Being Crazy Can Get You Fired

As the Court-Martialed 'Birther' discovered.

The "I am totally bonkers off my gourd" defense isn't legally recognized I have to advise as an employment-labor experienced attorney, so don't try it in a court of law- or a court of court martial. I have to say one of the saddest news stories of the day is the soldier who refused orders because the commander in chief, he believes, is illegitimate constitutionally because he thinks he wasn't born here. Some lovely career soldier just self-sabotagued his life by falling for the political falderall nonsense that feeds into that "I aint takin no orders from no black guy" racism.

Listen people, if you were white, pregnant, and your black lover may or may not marry you, in the EARLY 1960s, and he lives a continent away and is dumping you in Hawaii possibly to get himself to Harvard, are you going to want to travel all the way to a remote African village somewhere in a place you don't even know has a hospital to live in a place you don't even know has running waters or flushable toilets to deliver a baby? ARE YOU PEOPLE CRAZY? Don't answer that-it's a rhetorical question.

The politicos who contrived this garbage should be ashamed of themselves for what this is doing to good soldiers like this poor guy who has sullied his record now forever. Shame Shame Shame. Hello Michael Steele- what's your problem here? Can't you get a grip on these rumors?

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