Saturday, April 24, 2010

Masterful Perturbations

Peter Kreeft Warned Catholic Elite and Clergy of Spiritual Hand Jobs

The distinguished scholar, prolific author and philosophy professor of 45 years teaching at a major Catholic university in Boston addressed a finely suited cabernet crowd of professional Catholics at the Catholic Information Center in DC Friday evening on topics such as "Love and War," The New Evangelism and the search for the American Identity, putting the 'culture war' more in a frame of how to bring more life and light to a world sick and tired of the messes we got ourselves into.
He noted that the great commission at the end of Matthew 'doesn't have a clergy tag on it' meaning it's everyone's business and duty. He noted the validity of the protestant evangelists to bring people to Christ and noted that first we have to bring humanity to itself insofar as humanity has a disjointed disconnect in parts with the moral law, an understanding of which is a predicate to understanding why you need a savior in the first place (to save you from your obsession with yourself among other reasons that might prevent you from resting in the mansion in the sky in the sweet by and by).

There are Republicans who will be in heaven and some in Hell he noted (a thought I am sure had never crossed the mind of some of the audience.) There will likewise be democrats on both sides of the Lake of Fire divide. I evoked a chuckle from him when I noted that when you designate party affiliation at the DMV there wasn't a box that said tick here for "GRACE."
In this town it is worth noting that it is extremely dangerous for that reason to cater to a congregation of powered monied lobbying contingent of parish council wing-nuts. (Especially ones who do things like tout the values of torture on national TV. Hello-what were you thinkin!)

"We are all a victim of Original Selfishness" which is another way of saying Adam's Original Sin. He believes that the ego and id of self-aggrandisement is a prison that folks can become too attached to and even start to love their little prisons. I could hear my mothers voice chime: "You can get used to hanging if you hang long enough." Doesn't mean you should stay strung up.

In an exposition of the real meaning of "Love" that is at war with this selfishness and ego (power needs not based on service but pride), he didn't get himself into any theological trouble by pointing any fingers but it is easy to see that if the Pope wanted theological support for abolishing the lifetime clergy mandate, he could find it speaking to Mr. Kreeft who was not too light or easy on those whose masterful perturbations in the spiritual dimension stunted their psycho-social growth and allowed them to entertain fantasies of adulating harems rather than engage meaningfully any growth-inducing demands of the opposite gender. Boooooooring, I thought as a sad way to love your prison. And not a little lonely I imagine. It's enough to turn you blind.

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