Sunday, April 18, 2010

Penance Means Change

Repentence Means Stop It

Change- it will do you good. Profoundly- it will do you profound good- more than you can dream or imagine.

The church is now in a mia culpa mia culpissima chest beating frenzy over all the ugly media outcry which they can't figure out why won't just disappear. After all, it's only a tiny window crack in the stained glass, it's only a tiny percentage of miscreats whom we dealt with, after all, it's only a reflection of the wider depravity in society generally in the slide toward gomorrah.

All these excuses, aside from being totally inaccurate are why it isn't going away- because they are excuses, not real CHANGE.

I am not talking about OK NOW we are going to tell the authorities when we know actual crimes against humanity are committed or when we discover how low life our brother priests who molest children actually are rather than transfer or worse promote them (better a millstone hung around their necks and they are cast into the sea)

I am talking about- the Holy Spirit screaming from the sidelines LET ME IN to the church hierarchy from the inside. I am talking about a persistent deafness to the Holy Spirit which refuses the winds of real change and locks out the practice of real love, I am talking about the locking in marble cages the Holy Spirit suffocating it's action and killing it's life in the church under the distorted belief that only old white men in dresses can interpret the Spirit and communicate it. I am talking about throwing the Baby out with the Baptismal waters.

The Roman Catholic Church HAS to stop self-justifying itself and start examining the deep psychosis that allowed and continues to fester the sorts of aberations that were manifest and excused which the rest of the world finds plainly disgusting behavior.

It can't just say, God loves us anyway- because if it loved God and Jesus back, truly, it would
do his Will- and his Will is not to presumptously rest on laurels looking in the "Who is the Fairest of them All" Mirror and saying to the rest of those emotionally and physically abused -"You are enemies of the cross and be damned." The Church is an enemy of Christ every time it quashes Love in the name of the institution. That is worse than the leg saying to the foot "I have no need of you"- it is an Amputation of the Heart. The Church will gut itself into a walking dead image of a state museum, or a large White-washed tomb full of dead mens' bones (with lots of degree letters after them) naval gazing at it's own history unless it lets Jesus' love back in.

Can't you hear that still small voice yet say "Why are you persecuting me?" What is your problem?

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