Friday, April 23, 2010

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THE HISTORY CHANNEL outdid itself on the Shroud of Turin episode. I ordered it and watched it last night. You can too.

If you scroll down this blog you will see the Face of Jesus constructed from the Shroud, by computer animators and military electronics experts using techniques high and low tech that reveal what was underneath the burial Shroud- and the history of its examination. The Holy Face most of us affiliate with the Shroud image is actually the negative of film taken by an Italian at the end of the 19th Century who took photos with the first invented photographic equipment and saw this image revealed in his developing solution on glass. It went around the world and became the famous "Holy Face" that you see on holy cards, posters, wall hangings, in rectories and under Saints' pillows. (It's to the right of this blog) But was that really the image of the face of Jesus? That is an image of the negative of the Shroud, and the Shroud had some distortions intrinsic in its presentation as it covered a 3-D image and blasted as though with radiation a 2-D image that is actually a code for what is underneath. This is brilliant stuff.

Where did it come from this Shroud? Was it actually taken by one of the Apostles from the Tomb? Is it a middle ages counterfeit, or was it actually transported to the area we now call Turkey (the Blessed Mother recall it is believed lived there for a time after the her son was killed in Ephesus where there was already sprouting a Christian community---remember the letters to the Ephesians?) The channel traces the travels of the Shroud , where it is believed to have landed at some point with the Knights Templar in France and in the custody of the Savoy Family in France for ages.

The Shroud is gaining a lot of current interest in light of the Pope's upcoming visit. If you scroll down this blog you will see an image of something that looks something like a Jewish version of Al Pacino -but I don't want to give anything away.

It may be playing at the CIC (I have to convince them first to show it, cross your fingers)- But you can order the DVD on line. It is well worth the $24.00. I am giving my copy to Ray at the Center -email him if you want to lobby for a public showing or borrow it off him when he's done.

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