Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Callous Saddistic Suffering

Never Justifies More Callous Saddistic Suffering.

This past weekend, likely in keeping with the tone of "never forget" the Shoah, in New York and Connecticut stations ran an old movie called "Judgment at Nurenberg." It's an old classic featuring legends like Judy Garland, Marlena Dietrich, Burt Lancaster, and that guy who Catherine Hepburn had an affair with her whole life. There is even a cameo by a young Captain Kirk Shatner.

It's quite long. I had never seen it before. It is absolutely frightening- it was made in 1961. From the time the war ended until the making of that film we were still engaged in Nazi hunting old war criminals-and you see why here vividly. The most striking thing about the movie is that it has original footage of unbelievably gory scenes, like "World at War" scenes of the dead bodies in mass graves being bulldozed, the gas chambers, the shoes and gold teeth, and all the horrors you never want to believe actually happened and can hardly believe your eyes. [The Holocaust Museum should get this film and clip this footage and show this non-stop. ]
Yet, it did. An entire society so off it's collective rocker that they completely lost their souls- and self-justified the most massive evils of biblical proportion that we can barely conceive of it. Two-thirds of the entire Jewish populations in Europe were wiped out by a society gone mad driven by a demon leader-engaging in callous saddistic mass slaughter. --With half the country pulling a colonel klink "i know nuthink" --it was all the gestapo's fault.

I ordered this and will send it to the first Priest who asks for it (you know where to reach me) if he promises to show it to his church congregation. You can order it too off Amazon for $22.

You will understand after watching this how obscene and dangerous it is for any European Bishop or any cleric to call any Jewish person "deicidal" or "userous" or anything anti-semetic, or to offensively insanely liken the sex scandals to the persecution of the Jews.

Further, it should demonstrate to you how evil and wrong it is for us to use the saddistic suffering callously mass murdering innocent Jews in Europe to justify doing the same to Afghanis or Iraqis or Palestinians. It might explain better and justify the understandable paranoia but it also demonstrates that the solutions cannot be pre-emptively wiping out entire ethnicities or political parties without inspiring the same outrage and cyclical retribution that breeds nothing but more contemptous death.

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