Monday, June 22, 2015

call no man "Father" except your father in heaven-

Father's Day the church tells seminarians and priests- Let Them Eat Cake. Just Cake. No 
Dinner. That's what the mandatory celibacy rule is. What's wrong-you don't like Cake? Who 
needs dinner when you have Cake?

Fathers Day always emphasized for me how important it is to let priests be married to 
women if they want- not as a mandatory rule, as an option. That would be true freedom- free 
to fall in love with a woman if God calls you there. If you are locked in loneliness daily you 
are not free. You are in a prison of the church's making. These things are not incompatible- 
married to a woman and service in partnership with Jesus. It says in scripture that the ONLY 
acceptable helpmate for man is woman and that man is not meant to live alone, lonely. That 
was not in the original design. It is a bad accommodation discipline and in light of the 
scandal now statistically unjustifiable. There is such a thing as "chastity" in marriage also. 
Vows of chastity don't have to be broken if married monogamously to a woman. Pledging 
'chastity' to an institution is silly. Pledging it to a human makes sense- Jesus never called for 
any man who served him to disavow his human need for human intimacy to pledge chastity 
to him. Pledging chastity to a woman is the only thing that makes sense. Celibacy enforced 
and mandatory runs against the entire Jewish cultural aspiration for married life to be 
healthy in community and rabbis were married. There were strict rules regarding whom they 
could marry- a Levite could marry a divorced woman or a widow but a Cohanite priest had 
to marry a virgin because he went into the Holy of Holies to meet God where the Ark of the 
Covenant was so no ordinary schlub could go in there. Roman Catholic priests now do not 
have to be virgins to enter the priesthood and some aren't. The fact that they are denied 
women doesn't make them free, it makes them frustrated and lonely.
Church communities suffer also as a result of this- the women who secretly bond in 
"spiritual marriage" with priests are often viciously competitive, jealous, mean women who 
sabotage other women they think a priest is getting too close to in church service. 
Protestant wives married to priests are on the other hand, part of the ministry and mission 
openly and productively.
It is Godlike to create men in man's image-and that is what a real human father does. He 
creates children. The case can be made that God knew to prohibit this would indeed create 
sexual sin and perversities. That is why it is expressly written by Paul in 1st Corinthians 7:2- 
Let EVERY MAN take a wife. EVERY is every. He doesn't exclude a priestly class and say- 
but those closest to Jesus must all be eunichs for the kingdom.
There is a particularly moving documentary (netflix) about Nicola Tesla who it is believed 
destroyed his manhood after he turned 40 so as not to be distracted by women (particularly 
Sarah Bernhardt whom it is said was after him, or some french songstress temptress) 
because it distracted him from what he believed his purpose was, which was to harnass 
natural energy of sun and electromagnetism into electricity and energy. He is recognized 
now as a genius on par with Einstein, and created all the patents that were bought by 
George Westinghouse to form a company.
Here you see a guy so focused on his mission that he didn't have time for women, didn't 
have much of a heart for them, and was consumed with his passion of invention. Its 
noteworthy that his father was an Orthodox Priest. This is a kind of genius few are or attain. 
His life story is remarkable. I know no one today who touches his intellect or genius except 
maybe Steve Jobs.
The service of the Holy Family however requires that womenkind not be viewed as 
"distractions" but as integral, necessary and wanted in the communal and social scheme of 
things so much so that they are espoused. The Holy Family and Holy Trinity is the core 
nature of God so to isolate the male and say it is sufficient to know God that he never is 
intimate with a female helpmate is silly. It misses the mark in understanding the essential 
nature of God. God is Holy Family and Trinity. God Creates Man in His Image. But only 
when Man lets him . The Roman Catholic priesthood is profoundly heretical when it 
disallows its priests to marry women and it has paid the price severely- in $3 BILLION 
dollars in sexual abuse settlements and legal fees. On behalf of my fellow lawyers I 
shouldn't complain. But I think my fellow lawyers need the money less than some third world 
countries- that is the entire GNP of some african countries. It continues to be the greatest 
scandal of Western civilization that Roman Catholicism, which maintains its exclusive ability 
to turn bread and water in Jesus himself refused to reflect the Holy Family in denigrating all 
womankind as so tarring or "distracting" that no priest can marry one- like we all have 
kooties. Women are screaming "Grow Up Church."
This insistence that only celibate or eunich men can consecrate a Eucharist strikes many 
women as not only heretical but just rank stupidity and piss poor stewardship- when it is 
clearly demonstrable that a priesthood turning in significant measure gay is statistically 
much more probable to engage in perversion with post adolescent boys/men and the church 
has paid $3 billion of someone's money that should be better spent on real things Jesus 
wants done in the world, see, e.g. Matthew 25.

This lack of familial intimacy with women is reflected in some of the more rank stupidity of 
some of the church doctrine and teaching surrounding sexuality as well. The church would 
have a different view officially regarding what is permissible or not permissible natural or not 
regarding contraception if they actually were married to women. Their lack of knowledge 
about basic things in the emotional-sexual realm is reflected in doctrine. And so women feel 
free to ignore it.
Priests are for the most part clueless regarding the psychological-emotion construction of 
women involved in intimate relationships. It is reflective in the confessional and in doctrine. 
So why would women bother to waste their time and go?
The church would be a thousand times a thousand percent more effective, more reflective of 
Jesus' desire for what "church" is, and lightyears more powerful in teaching, preaching and 
reaching if priests could marry women. There would be twice as many priests and no 
whining about shortages and church closures. It would instantly increase attendance 
multifold by the millions. It would solve fiscal problems. It would honor women rather than 
seek to destroy some of them.
Just one change- to make Life more like Jesus wanted. And it would change the world.

Bible Gateway passage: 1 Corinthians 7:2 - English Standard Version

But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and 



Call no man Father except your father who is in heaven-   and of course your real DAD.

Happy Father's Day to all men courageous enough, who Love women strong enough and

long enough to create little humans with them. Big shout out to the gorgeous men who

married into our extended family- Chris, Mark, Keith, Tim, Dave, Trevor. We love you all. 

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