Saturday, June 27, 2015

Justice Kennedy , Justice Kennedy, Please.

What were you thinking.

    Your opinion is easily shreddable and it should be 

I will give you three reasons.

1. "Demeaning" is not a constitutional test. When people engage in unlawful, immoral or just disgusting behaviors the fact that people demean those behaviors is not a reason to legitimate them
  How demeaning is it isn't a legit test like a scrutiny test.

2. Your statement that the court's decisions and nation's history demonstrate the central keystone nature of the social order is only valid insofar as it pertains to HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE. 
Absolutely NOTHING about prior national history should or does make Homosexual marriage a keystone of any social order. 

3. The Right to Marriage has been a fundamental right for HETEROSEXUALS, not gay people.

The fact that gays have been excluded doesn't demand they be included because heterosexuals get it. 
Gay is not Black. The extension of the Loving v. Virginia principle is deeply inapposite. 
There is a profound distinction between inter-racial and same -gender. 

NO civilization EVER founded as a bedrock keystone principle Gay Sex or Marriage, The reason is obvious- they cannot procreate ex nihilo. 

There is absolutely no reason to or obligation to under the US Constitution to treat different behaviors equally. 

All the reasoning in the Kennedy opinion is totally circular. He says gay sex is a keystone of the social order because he says so. 

The ludicrous nature of this opinion mocks the Rule of Law, Mocks the Supreme Court, is far beneath the level of intellect one assumes and wishes the court to have and is the biggest reason I know for mandatory retirement ages.

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