Saturday, June 27, 2015

news flash- the Daily Drivel

Hillary declares girl lifting dress above her head waging her labia at passing taxis shouting "eat me I'm yours" should not be Shamed. "Women have had enough of men shaming them" she declared defiantly. If women want to wear their dresses on their heads- its their body their business. "When I am President I will abolish the Vice office of the police-if women want to air out their labias in public that's no one's business but theirs." She also indicated that she would be giving away free tickets for entrance to a silent auction where the sinner gets to give her oral sex at the Four Seasons with Stevie Nick singing in the room (satire)

Also it has recently been discovered that contrary to popular opinion (in DC, NYC, SF and possibly Chicago) that Justice Kennedy is not an author of any of the texts traditionally called "The Gospels". 
Mass confusion has resulted from a recent court opinion suggesting that the Justice has some additional divine insight into behavior such that he can declare things moral or not or instead has just declared morality a myth. We are not sure 
if he believed himself to be a Gospel writer or he is just impersonating one because he cannot be reached for comment. 

Attempts to reach the Jesuit Superior General regarding whether Morality is a Mental Myth have proved futile because he is on retreat with fellow Jesuits. A popular Jesuit suggested that it might be a good ignatian reflection to put yourself in the mind of Nietsche and ponder Morality is a Myth to see how you feel about it. Does it evoke a sense of futility or purpose in various sodomistic pursuits, for example. Does it excite you to think Morality is a Myth. 

Another Jesuit from the New Corked province noted that Morality should only be a Myth when the people we really like are being immoral--and what does that mean anyway. If we do not like them we can approve the doctrine of Morality exists, if we do like them, lets suspend belief on their behalf. 

(also Satire)
Stay tuned for the next episode of "How does Michele Jenner Obama  hide her Penis so well?" 

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