Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blessed Are You God of the Universe who gave us your commandments.

    All three religions have the notion that if you love God and want to serve God there are rules, 
    commandments, that he expects as a response to his Love. Blessed are you God of the Universe who 

    gave us your commandments. This is a core belief of all three religions, Jewish, Muslim and Christian-

    Abrahamic faith traditions. 

    The proper response to a God who Loves to demonstrate Love back to him is to follow his rules. The 
    rules don't get you close to him or into heaven, only he can   get you there, but the rules are not negated by the fact that he gets you there. The rules are not burdensome. Love one another as I have loved you. With rules. He loves us with rules. How did the people know Moses was with God on the mountain? He gave him rules (carved in stone no less.) Jesus said, my rules are not burdensome. And with the Spirit powering your spirit they aren't. One of these rules has clear direction on sexual immorality. Don't do it. What is it-this sexual immorality? Its clearly defined as "men sleeping with men", and men and women trading natural relations for same sex relations, among other descriptions (adultery, fornication, lust of the flesh, etc...) Now I have some good gay friends and colleagues. I respect them as people. I love their talents. But I am not obligated to embrace their gayness. I am not obligated to bless their unions. I am not obligated to think its fine that they are exchanging bodily fluids with people of their same gender. I can and should love them as people, respect them as colleagues, but I am, as Saint Thomas Moore said, My Lord's servant first and the King's second. If I love God I am not only not required to bless, approve of or embrace anyone's choice of lover if they are same sex, I am REQUIRED not to. No, if you are a Christian, a real Christian, not a convenient cafeteria pick and choose shopper, you are not at liberty to say all sex is as good as any kind of sex no matter who it is with. If this makes me a bigot I will embroider Bigot on my shirt and proudly wear it over my heart under a large Cross.


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