Sunday, June 28, 2015

What is Conscience?

How Does it Work?

     People who struggle with the church teaching against Homosexuality (that it is NEVER OK)
need to understand how conscience works. No little infant sits wondering how to commit a gay act on someone. Something in their childhood development gives them "permission" to do that.

Conscience is something that exists in people as a shred of an awareness of the presence of the holy within, or a God consciousness.  This is the "don't go there" voice. Something in a child's development turns off the "don't go there" switch and they act on something not permitted.

Sin never happens because it isn't pleasurable. Sin entices precisely because it is pleasurable. No one would be tempted to sin if it didn't offer a pleasure. But the fact that it is pleasurable does not negate the sinful nature of it. Someone may derive pleasure masterbating in front of children but this is sin and it is wrong. It could still be intensely pleasurable to drink hard liquor until you pass out- but who thinks that is not sin or a good idea?

Every human body has capacity to have pleasure. God created us to enjoy our bodies. Earth isn't supposed to be a painful in body experience. But the God consciousness is something that imposes order on the pleasure. Sex is great as a mind-body-soul experience in a heterosexual marriage. That is order given to us and within us like the order imposed on the changing of the seasons for maximal proper most fruitful growth of humanity.

The God consciousness when properly in place says to someone same sex attracted- I am attracted intensely to that person, I want to love that person, i do love that person, but I'll Be Damned if I ever get sexual with that person.

The only way to restore a damaged God consciousness is to ask God to restore and renew your mind.
Everyone is utterly dependent on God whether they like it or not, whether they realize it or not for the proper ordering of their lives and desire. When you finally realize that, you are on a path to truth emotional and physical health.

I am amazed at the degree of warning illnesses that come upon gay people which don't give them a minute of reflection on why these illnesses are visiting them. God sent HIV and that didn't scare off enough people who were not killed off. People have been affected with anal bleeding and ulcerations/tearing, mouth cancers, infections, and even heart traumas. These are warning signs. God is patient and merciful. He has said clearly what sin is.

God is real. His rules for order are real. (Imagine Parliament or Congress  working without Roberts Rules of Order...your body has order rules also).

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