Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake

Made By Someone Else

     There are kinds of discrimination that are deemed acceptable. For example, the catholic church discriminates against anyone not officially a member in receiving the eucharist- this discriminates against Jews, Buddhists, Muslims and anyone who hasn't received catechal instruction and been confirmed in the faith or a correlate apostolic faith recognized as catholic enough. Should a Jewish Orthodox synogogue be forced to allow Non Jewish men to read the Torah at services on non-discrimination grounds? Clearly, religious convictions have to be honored in a free society.

Now imagine a state law saying the church must serve communion/the eucharist to anyone who shows up and wants it or be fined, sued for damages and bankrupted out of business. No one would abide such a law. Its deeply offensive.

So why does a Christian baker have to make a cake for anyone who shows up and wants one?
Its a private business enterprise- run by a person of a faith conviction who  does not approve. To quote John Stossel- forcing a Christian baker to bake a gay wedding cake 'IS NUTS.'

That baker might make a cake for a gay person's birthday or his bar mitzvah or mother's day. But a WEDDING CAKE is something that entails a baker's blessing of sorts- or participation in a ritual he finds offensive. Baking a wedding cake is a special labor of love entailing meeting with the clients to determine what kind,  what flavor icing, how many layers, etc. to make a wedding cake- and even if it were not and merely a business transaction, the art of making it for a wedding is different than for another occasion.

There are plenty of people who would not think twice about it and would want the business. There are other people who on principle wouldn't want to get near it. The state should not be in the business of forcing ANYONE to violate their conscience or principles by transacting a sort of business they find offensive on religious grounds.

Suppose a man wanted to marry his dog- should the state be in the business of forcing a baker to make a cake for the blessed union of Fred and Fido or be put out of business so NO ONE gets to eat cake?

It is perhaps tolerable that there are certain enclaves of sexual topsyturveydom- Fire Island, San Francisco, West Hollywood. But for the Supreme Court to force the entire country as a matter of universal law of the land to acknowledge gay marriage and force every enterprise to capitulate to its acceptance is beyond looney tooney, its obscene.

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