Monday, April 20, 2015

Is there any actual scriptural evidence that being gay is not an original sin?
Who decided being gay is not sin? 

It is a condition of mind, hormonal and physiological reaction all of which can be changed. So long as you think being gay is not a sin, you will seek likeminded people enforcing that it is not a sin (and not a depraved state of psycho-social hormonal malajustment conditioned from perhaps early trauma) then you will insist you have a right to it and that everyone must accept it. All hell breaks lose from the premise. 

What of all the people who once were gay and now are not? Thousands of them.  Who is to say that the feeling and physiological reaction of gay wasn't more nurture than nature? I have yet to meet a person I know is gay (there are a few I don't know i'm sure and i prefer it that way)whom I could not identify immediately with some childhood trauma or unusual situation in their upbringing that caused a psychosocial collapse from trauma which could trigger a firm commitment to seek same sex comfort. 
Here are true accounts of the backgrounds of some gay men I know or know of:
--A man's brother commits suicide, and father dies in close proximity-he will forever seek the missing brother, 
--a man's mother was a smothering phobic neurotic who wouldn't leave the house suffocating her overprotected son, he then loathes women and seeks adolescent sexual experiences with men, 
--a man's mother dies as a child and he hates her for abandoning him to a wicked stepmother, so he runs from the company of woman having only early childhood trauma associated with females,
--a man was molested by a "loving" priest as a youth and became gay, etc....
--a man's father abandoned the family at pre-school age and he became gay seeking father figures.

.It is a fair question to ask -are we coddling illness into civil rights? Homosexuality has been removed from the DSM as a mental illness for thirty years now, but is it perhaps a mental condition- 80 percent of sex being between the ears. Is it a condition of mind that triggers hormones? The testimony of all the people who found themselves 'cured' or not wanting any homosexual lifestyle any more should speak to the issue. There are THOUSANDS of people who once self identified as Gay and who now believe they have excised an unclean spirit from their minds. We don't give civil rights to practicing alcoholics to drive cars do we?

How dare anyone deny them healing?

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