Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What is Man

That you are Mindful of Him or Her.

      What an astounding proposition that there is One God who is 'mindful' of or actually thinks about beings he created called humans.

     So mindful in fact that he wants them to operate at maximal capacity reaching their potential.
Actions falling short of that potential and the immense human dignity of their person in God's image can be another word for 'sin.'  A non-judgmental way of describing 'sin' might just be- acts against the God designed maximal potential diminishing human dignity.

  When someone is murdered, it is an affront against the intrinsic dignity of the life of a person. When someone is prideful it  diminishes potential because a spiritual law is that the meek shall inherit the earth and God despises the proud. If you think you are already something you don't try to become better maximizing your potential.

   What of actions that are against what is called the natural "complementarity" of male-female conjugal unions? An adulterous act will diminish the dignity of the union. A gay act will diminish the procreative potential of the parties.  Perhaps God isn't condemning so much as deeply sad at the loss of potential.

    But maybe He is as condemning as in an Adulterous situation. Scripture classifies it as sexual immorality. It is scripturally considered condemned and chastised. It will be prolific in the 'end times'. People will call good bad and visa versa.

    People can be deeply in love with people of the same sex, and people are who don't have sexual urges tied to their emotional feelings or desires. These are different things. When people argue that gay people have no choice over whom to fall in love with that may be true, but it is not true that they have no choice regarding whether they allow that to flourish into full sexual contact with the other person.

    God clearly thinks people have capacity to resist Adultery or he wouldn't have outlawed it.
God clearly thinks that people can have renewed minds and not fall into what he considers a depraved state of mind in expanding emotional feelings into sexual acts with an inappropriate person. One of the same sex is deemed inappropriate. Just like someone married to someone else is inappropriate, someone under the age of consent, a close family member, etc.

   The premise that people don't have any control over sexual direction of their bodies should insult the intelligence of every thinking person. An attraction is not a sexual act. Behavior has intrinsic moral value- one way or the other.

   The law regulates behavior, and all behaviors are not created equal.


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