Monday, August 03, 2015

DEFUND THE DECEPTION- part II (see earlier post)

Cecile Richards admitted today to Andrea Mitchell that Planned Parenthood charges for "preservation" "transfer" etc. in fetal tissue research donation of body parts of fetuses.

Their costs are fixed, overhead is fixed and salaries are fixed- so this is called making money off the body parts of fetuses. Its all gravy. Call it what you will, they gain pecuniary benefit off baby body parts.

Congress should reject the creative accounting of Cecile's "you pay only shipping and handling" policy when it admits it is a middle man getting money for baby body part "donation"- its sick. And its illegal. Its unconscionable. It should be a crime- oh, guess what-it is. Perhaps, she should be in jail.  She holds no medical degree of any kind- has a basic Batchelors from Brown and is a political operative/lobbyist. Shouldn't a real medical center be run by a real medical professional?

The repeated lie that women don't have anywhere else to go is dumb. Patrick Leahy might try using the googler because in five seconds I found a group of real OBGYNs in Vermont- .  A simple google search of OBGYN and New York gives you literally thousands of listings including the major hospitals in the city.

What doctors do you know who are real OBGYNs who want to work at Planned Parenthood??. No one wants to work there as a doctor unless they can't get a job anywhere else because it is known to be an abortion mill.

The best OBGYNs aren't working for Planned Parenthood so of course there are other places to go. People saying there is no where else to go are just political partisans trying to feed off the money Planned Parenthood throws off to campaigns. Every student enrolled in a University with a teaching hospital has another place to go obviously. Everyone on medicaid can find a primary care doctor anywhere other than Planned Parenthood.
Anyone with health insurance (and everyone is supposed to have it) can go to any qualified OBGYN if suspected to be pregnant or for contraception. Their talking points are pure fiction.

The people spitting and screaming are people feeding off dead baby parts directly or indirectly.

There is no way Congress should demand that the entire population of America through their tax dollars should have to support abortion or Planned Parenthood's deceptive illegal practices.

End It.
There are much better uses that actually could go for women's health care.
And by the way- they do not do mammagrams and do not have the equipment to do them much less people who can read the results. This is Pure  Schlockery.

People need to wake up to the ghoulish reality that the real stakeholders in this are not women and their health-but the venture capital driven biomedical and biotech firms that are making marketable product they sometimes patent and the stem cell peddling for profit firms. There is no way in hell the American taxpayer should be subsidizing this industry. Or- maybe the only way it should is in Hell. Quite Literally.

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