Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Todays Episode of "How Stupid Are We"

Senators please. Why do you think that the entire country has to pay for other people's abortions? We should have to pay for the fact that some people think chicsas are for practice and practice too much? Or other people get too drunk to know they just took their pants off? Or other people can't figure out how to use a condom? We need to pay for every lowest common denominator of stupid and immorality in the country? Most people thought that was a dumb bad idea before we knew that people getting half a billion dollars of federal funding were picking dead baby body parts apart to "donate" (you pay only shipping and handling) to biotech firms and research labs for the highest bidders-calling tiny people "specimins" like they were your seventh grade dissection frog. Specimins. We were all once "specimins."

    That was my reaction after watching in full the debate to defund Planned Parenthood. I heard NO good legitimate argument to not defund it IMMEDIATELY. I listened attentively to Senators Franken (stein) Boxer, Warren, Blumenthal (earlier Leahy) and everyone acting so indignant the Republicans wanted to take away a woman's health.

   Only problem was that they didn't want to do this and in fact wanted to bring women's health into the 21st and 22nd Centuries. They wanted to give the money to the places where women have better access to them, in the over 7,000 community health centers that need the upgrade money. Women's health needs include attention to the No.1 killer of women in this country- heart disease. Type II diabetis is on the rise also as we all lament. That deadly combination is killing more women than child birth these days. 

   The plan didn't want to harm women's health, it wanted to help it. The best doctors don't want to work for Planned Parenthood because it is a filthy abortion mill. All the total BS protestations that it does "cancer screenings" rang hollow when we know that they do not even own the equipment to conduct mammograms much less have any radiologists or anyone on staff who can actually read the results. They do no biopsies either and don't have the lab technicians or equipment to do them-they refer all of that out- often to those very same community centers that the Republicans were trying to fund.

  The ridiculous stories people trotted out to show how much better Planned Parenthood is than the local OBGYN were not convincing. Does anyone seriously think a Planned Parenthood visit will determine someone has endometriosis better than Mass General or the local Harvard Med trained OBGYN? Do you think any Harvard Med trained OBGYNs are actually working in Planned Parenthood? The University hospitals in every state which are federally funded have OBGYNs on staff. Does anyone seriously think a visit to Planned Parenthood in DC is going to give them a better diagnosis than a visit to GW hospital, or Penn hospital, or the some 2,000 OBGYNs practicing in New York City? Are you people smoking something? Planned Parenthood is the filthy, unregulated, clinic of last resort people go to when they secretly want an abortion- no one goes there or should for comprehensive medical care. They don't hire oncologists. D'oh.

    Hanging on to the old medical myths of Planned Parenthood is wrong. It is seriously wrong when we know that they in all likelihood are violating federal felony laws in selling human baby parts. They aren't Cecil the lion parts, they aren't little puppy parts, they are human baby parts. 

   The only smart thing that made any sense or rang remotely true about anyone opposing the bill was Susan Collins (R-Maine) amendment in which she requested that the sale of human fetal body parts be referred to the DOJ for full investigation. 

   The Democrats are misreading the country. Allegedly Pro Life Democrats like Casey from Pennsylvania let everyone down with his silence and "no" vote. Particularly galling was Leahy's protestations that women in Vermont have nowhere to go when a mere five second visit to the Googler demonstrates thousands of private health care providers including OBGYNs in Vermont and a few good University hospitals.  Vermont isn't Bangladesh. Here is the University of Vermont Medical Health Center, Senator Leahy.  . It is particularly galling that Senators Leahy and Casey are Catholics and so should know better because the church does an excellent job educating people on the subject. 

This issue is shocking the conscience of everyone - and the Democrats are playing the same old screaming idiot women tapes. As a woman I am deeply offended. And I know I am not alone. Yes, you may now called it Planned Frankenhood Assassination Centers for  Skull Crunching and Eating Your Young.

  Every Democrat who gets a penny from Planned Parenthood in a campaign is now subject potentially to being a RICO Defendant as part of an interstate criminal enterprise scheme in the sale of human body parts. Just sickening.

Joe Scarborough tells Warren to stop insulting our intelligence:

O'Reilly tells the Justice Department to start investigating- calling it all disgraceful.

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