Wednesday, August 26, 2015

America's Soul

Soul Survival

   Can America now know what Planned Parenthood is actually doing and turn a blind eye and not demand that it be thoroughly investigated by the Justice Department and have all its federal funding revoked? Has America totally sold its soul.

   After the video releases of numerous videos it is abundantly clear that Planned Parenthood is hiding its nefarious criminal actions behind the false veneer of helping women with reproductive health, even going so far as to absurdly boast they they can't get this help anywhere else. It is a front organization for harvesting human organs of tiny people for research through its central predominant service of abortion.

   Cecil Richards makes absurd claims like in Lancaster Pennsylvania no one would have anywhere else to go to get women's health services if Planned Parenthood were not there. This is an ignorant ludicrous statement. There are seven major medical schools in Pennsylvania, the U. of Penn being a top ranked school nationally, and there are over 20 OBGYN outfits in Lancaster which is 2 hours by car from Philadelphia. Lancaster also hosts a college with its own health care services. There are plenty of legitimate health care facilities in Lancaster Pennsylvania (which might sound like boonieville to someone living on the Upper East Side but trust me, Lancaster has all the stores you find in Jersey or New York kiddies.) Lancaster is the 8th largest city in Pennsylvania with about 60,000 people in it, making it the size of  South San Francisco City, Gaithersburg, or Ft. Myers, Florida. Its hardly the bumblefork rural desert that needs a baby part chop shop when there are a plethora of real doctors there.

    There are reports that some "intact" meaning whole little children of late advanced stages of pregnancy are delivered to labs whole. There are reports now that people believe organs had to have been harvested while the pre-born infant was still alive with an actual beating heart before the organs were extracted. This is so beyond the pale of anything we should be doing much less publicly funding

   This issue should not be a partisan football. It should not be a partisan issue at all. It is a humanitarian issue. Planned Parenthood is committing Crimes Against Humanity in the false name of women's health.

  The Crimes Against Humanity actions were brought against the Nazis who had participated in the heinous tortures during WWII in judicial actions after the War. Its time to bring the people engaged in these atrocities against pre-born human children to Justice. What- you thought they were little Lobsters maybe?



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