Monday, August 17, 2015

Baby Part Chop Shops- Yawn, Whatever.

The Banality of Pure Evil

Planned Parenthood is the epitome of the corruption and banality of evil. Its exactly like what happened in Nazi Germany. People were profiting off the mass murder of Jews- people looted their homes and got free stuff, the people who were gassed were stripped of the gold in their teeth-free gold. How can that be bad. People were experimented on- free frankenscience research- likely sold for the good of health advancements for the right kind of humanity. People knew Jews were rounded up, their homes looted and sent to death camps- and for years no one said anything in Germany or if they spoke against it they were sent to the camps too. They were politically and socially shunned and ostracized. So this is exactly the zeitgeist gestault of modern America and the Planned Non Parenthood madness where women are convinced to abort their own children which are sold to science-and who profits? Certainly Planned Parenthood, but also the upstream venture capital financiers of biotech and everyone up the supply chain. This is hard core evil. So unbelievably hard core evil people have difficulty believing it actually exists--just like in Nazi Germany. So they ignore it, banalize it. But it exists. It goes on. EVERY WEEK in America the equivalent of all the deaths in the World Trade Center attack die at the hands of abortionists. And those bodies are not given burials of any kind. The pieces not considered "biowaste" are sold in gimmicky "you pay shipping and handling only" schemes to compensate for "collection" "transport" or salaries of people doing the extracting- and just like in Nazi Germany the government is funding the practice because of the corrupt ties between government officials and the industry. Just like in Nazi Germany the practice hides behind protestations that it is all legal. The only difference between this industry and the industry of murdering Jews to steal their gold teeth and loot their homes for riches and priceless art is that Nazi Germany only got away with it for about 5 years and America has been doing it for about forty now.

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