Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Liberty and Happiness can't happen without LIFE

Yes, we should have a 'consistent life ethic.' We should care about war, homelessness, out of work vets, poverty and the death penalty.
But we should care way way more about the genocide of a generation of Americans and a philosophy we exported around the world exploiting women and girls for their body parts of their children, so we can feed a multi-billion dollar fetal human body part industry ----a fed biotech, biomed, venture capital driven industry that has bought and sold fetal body parts experimented on not just in University hospital labs but in chemical companies, Big Pharma companies, even Cosmetic companies, in the making of vaccines, in chemicals testing your beverages (Pepsi just figured out there are fetal body parts in the kidney cells testing soda impacts)- all justified under the umbrella of protecting a woman's right to "choice."

This industry is the backbone behind the devolution of not only morality in America but self-worth of young girls and women who are lied to and told a fetus is nothing more than a clob of cells or a cyst they can dispense with --without any consequence, spiritual or healthwise. This is an industry that insists on lying to women, and the politicians in their pocket continue to perpetuate the deadly ruse.

There is no way on God's greenish earth that Planned Parenthood should be getting one red American cent. No Way.

What do their statistics really mean if 1 in 5 people visit a planned parenthood and we know they are an abortion mill? We know there are at least 50 MILLION dead babies that were aborted in America since Roe. That means feasibly about ten percent of all Americans under the age of 40 were killed by abortionists. That is a genocide that dwarfs the Holocaust by numeric comparison. HOW DARE Al Franken and others NOT DEFUND THIS IMMEDIATELY.

It should be no more legal for Planned Parenthood to extract fetal tissue in abortions for "donation" (you pay only shipping and  handling) sale, than it is for African medicine men and villagers to kill albinos to eat their body parts.

Disgusting. Just Disgusting.

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