Sunday, August 30, 2015


and the Greatest Civil and Human Rights Abuse of Our Times.

It would appear man is intrinsically classist and must create an underclass to satisfy ego demands. Someone always has to be lower to feel superior. The Brits look down on the Irish, The Dominican Republicans on the Haitians, the Italians the Albanians, French the gypsies, etc. In societies where this urge is indulged, human rights are inevitably violated. Germany demonized not only Jews but all Non Arians and Non Germans were considered "untermenschen" Under-Human- which included Slavs, Homosexuals, Catholics and Poles. Believe it or not Amish in America who are essentially Germans and Sveitzerdeutsch speaking Swiss Anabaptists who came to America in the 18th-19th Centuries believe modernization is evil so they look down on the "English" and basically anyone not in an Amish community as damned to hell. In America's dominant mostly Protestant culture which prides itself on its classless egalitarian society the UnterMenschen are latino -hispanic immigrants and In Womb Children. In years past blacks were Untermenschen and to some, still are. Massive violations of human rights have been perpetrated on both classes of people who are made in the social consciousness to be considered UnterMenschen- less than the people legislating their plight. There always has to be a Superior "Ubermenschen" class. Yalies think they are Ubermenschen-its a cult of intellectual elitism. And the Untermenschen are people not yet born. Some are waiting in womb box cars. They are sub human. So they can be disposed of at will. They are not even "people."  2/3rds of the In Womb Children sacrificed to the Gods of Yalie Elite Supremacy are not coincidentally in some measure black. And that was originally by design. 

The Greatest Human Rights Abuse of our Time is that 50 million In Womb Children have been massacred, some de-limbed and dissected like a seventh grade science frog to ship to Mengele on Steroids research labs. 

Montezuma got his revenge. 

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