Saturday, August 29, 2015

Legal Injustice

And the Constitution.

   By all reasoned accounts, over half the country is of a religious view that an abortion kills or "terminates" a human life form, scientifically known to have separate and different DNA from the mother, which creates moral and spiritual consequences. Those people who hold that it is morally wrong, indefensible and obscene in cases to terminate a life in a womb believe that people who are terminating their pregnancies are killing In Womb Children (IWCs). People who believe it wrong to do this think this no less wrong because it is inside a womb than it would be to shoot dead an innocent person who wandered in your house because you left the door open. The mother is a host to the fetus and the fetus is not an extension of the mother's cellular structure-it is not a skin tag, a mole, a wart or a tumor. To force people who think it immoral to terminate or kill this on clear "religious" grounds to pay for people to do it by federal law is Unconstitutional under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

   We currently live in a regime that is legally unjust. When the government is forcing people with clear religious convictions to pay for other people's murder of their IWCs, that is wrong, unjust and immoral and violates the Establishment Clause.

  IWCs do not have full citizen status because of a minority religious view that holds that they are not "people" such that they should be considered legally protectable until they are born. When people who hold that minority religious view impose upon the people who do not the legal requirement to pay for other people murdering their IWCs, that is a regime that is morally insupportable,  legally unjust and a clear violation of the Establishment Clause.

Planned Parenthood should be defunded. Whatever your view of people's "Choice" to murder, massacre, delimb and sell the pieces of In Womb Children, there is no legitimate legal support for forcing the entire country to pay for such an obscene abomination.

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