Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fraud: Lying for a Living

Planned Parenthood's Big Business Model:

Lie. Lie Again. Lie Some More- Lie until they all Believe it.

The massive deception that Planned Parenthood is running on the country is a scam. Plain and Simple, it is a scam heist of HALF A BILLION US TAX DOLLARS--through pure deception. 

Lets Break It Down:
They say:

1. Its about Women's Health and millions of women won't be able to get critical services. Wrong.

Here is why its a lie: (a)  They suppress the destruction of women's health, physically, psychologically and emotionally caused by their filthy staph infected clinics to convince women to kill their own children, (b) there are far more health clinics that actually are about women's health that meet medical standards of sanitation and provide actual health services.

2. We do cancer screenings. 

Here is why its a lie: They refer  people out and DO NO MAMMAGRAMS. They don't even have the equipment. 

3. We Care About Women:

Here is why its  a lie: They steal their children essentially after killing them- chop up their body parts for sale piece by piece. If you cared about a woman why would you ever do that. If you cared about women why would you not tell her that you just punctured her cervix so she can get proper medical attention. Routinely womens health is destroyed by inept abortion butchers in clinics who do not want to be sued for malpractice so they do not tell the women that they have experienced severe injury as a result of the abortion. 

4. We don't "profit" from the sale of fetal tissue. 

Here is why its a lie: They have fixed overhead. For every abortion they do they try to extract pieces they can sell- hearts, brain neural tissue, liver, kidneys, thymus, etc....They try to get "volume"- the more the better, the more dead babies the better, the more lucrative. They play the "you pay shipping and handling only" game to try to legalize or legitimate the "sale" of fetal tissue, e.g. dead baby parts, but their cost recovery far exceeds their fixed costs- and thus no one is fooled. You are "profiting" off the sale of dead baby parts. 

What--you thought it was a lobster? or a puppy maybe?

5. Abortions are only about 3 percent of our business. 

Here's why its a lie: they count all the services in a bundle, such that if they give a woman a month's worth of contraceptives, 30 pills and do one abortion on her, that means only 1/30th is abortion related? Planned Parenthood math is worse than "fuzzy math." Abortion counts for over half, some say 80 percent of all revenues and with the "sale" of fetal tissue  a lot more in "diversified revenue streams." 

This is a baby part chop shop, nationally funded to the tune of HALF A BILLION US TAX DOLLARS. 

   This should not be a partisan issue- it should be a FRAUD IN GOVERNMENT issue. It should be an issue of FRAUD, WASTE AND ABUSE in government budgeting. It should be a criminal issue that the Justice Department is investigating for the criminal sale of human body parts. 

Again- what. You thought it was a puppy?

This is a RICO issue- (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Org.). The Justice Department should be investigating and prosecuting. But it won't under any Democratic Administration because they have purchased the politicians. 

There were 3,000 people killed in the World Trade Towers on 9-11. There were 50 MILLION babies killed in abortions in America since the 1970s.

If we kill Americans ourselves why do we take offense when jihadis do it? We are our own Jihad-of a perverse sickening disgusting religion called Planned Parenthood and the "right" to choose to kill Americans before they see daylight.

Let me get personal to the Democratic establishment now- You all disgust me. This is inexcusable.


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